Public and Corporate Events

Soundnation provides innovative solutions for hosting and streaming high-end, fully interactive public or corporate events. We have an experienced technical staff and the latest technology to make every event perfect.
The aim of our events is to influence, surprise and produce positive experiences for our clients. The most common types of events are virtual, hybrid and live events, in addition to which the implementation of satellite events has also spread.
Virtual events are offered entirely online on your chosen event platform. In this case, the event will be filmed at the chosen location and streamed to the participants either as a live broadcast or as a recording.
A live event is the most traditional type of event where all participants are invited to the same place at the same time. It enables interaction between participants and the most complex meetings. The most traditional live events are seminars, conferences, fairs and various company and customer events.
A hybrid event combines the two previous ones – in this case, the participant has the option to come to the event directly on the spot or watch the event remotely.
Satellite events are usually a combination of all of the above and are mostly used for large organizations due to their agility.
We are here to help you choose the most suitable type of event according to your requirements and needs.